Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Published: 11/22/22 •  10 min read

The Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix is a newer breed of designer dog that blends the huge size of the Great Pyrenees with the smaller, terrier-type characteristics of the Pitbull. Expect to be ran off your feet by this medium-to-large sized energetic mix! The “Pyrenees Pit” as its otherwise known is sure to bring a zest and zeal for life to your home, along with boundless energy, love and affection.

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix
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Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix – At a Glance

Weight:70 – 95 pounds
Height:23 – 27 inches
Lifespan:10 – 12 years
Coat Colors:Brindle, Sable, Fawn, White, Red, Brown, Black, Grey, Cream, Silver
Temperament:Fun-loving, energetic, active, protective, loving and gentle
Most Suitable For:Active families with or without children, and active single individuals, not suitable for the elderly

What Does a Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Look Like?

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix
Photo: Instagram

The Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix will inherit its physical attributes from both of its parent breeds – it will often be tall, like the Great Pyrenees, with a longer body. The Great Pyrenees Pitbull will also likely have a single coat that’s silky and smooth, like the Pitbull. Although, they may have a double coat, that they ‘blow’ twice a year (be ready with your brush!). They will also inherit the leg physique of the Pitbull, with muscular thighs.

Unlike traditional Great Pyrenees, their ears may droop forward and be triangular in shape, like the Pitbull. You can also expect a short snout, like the Pitbull.

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The History of the Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix

The Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix is a relatively new mixed breed of dog, created by enthusiastic dog breeders looking to marry the size and general beauty of the Great Pyrenees with the physique and terrier-like nature of the Pitbull.

While exact dates and general information about the Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix are hard to come by, the breeding of mixed-breed dogs became increasingly popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, some estimates believe that the Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix has only originated in the last 10 – 15 years.

The History of the Great Pyrenees

The History of the Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a mountain dog, bred centuries ago (some fossils have been dredged up from between 1000 and 1800 B.C) to working as a herding dog in the Pyrenean Mountain range which runs between France and Spain. These dogs are huge animals, with large paws and tough paw pads, long legs and an endurance befitting a mountain-trekking dog.

This endurance, determination, size and strength capabilities soon earned the Great Pyrenees something of a legendary status in the rest of France and the Great Pyrenees was soon to become the Royal Dog of King Louis XIV, who declared them the “Royal Dog of France.”

Today, Great Pyrenees dogs are most commonly found in Europe as large companion dogs, though some still perform functional cattle herding and farm work, mostly in the original Pyrenean region of France and Spain – and they are still the Royal Dog of France!

How Popular Are Great Pyrenees in the United States?

Despite it’s overwhelming European popularity, the Great Pyrenees isn’t a slouch in the United States – though not overwhelmingly popular, they ranked 63rd in the American Kennel Club’s most-popular dog listings in 2021.

Who Are The Great Pyrenees a Good Dog For?

Because the Great Pyrenees is so large, it’s best-suited for those with plenty of space and those who lead an active family lifestyle. They’re also good for couples and single individuals who lead active lifestyles and have the space to hold such a behemoth of a dog. They are unfortunately unsuitable for the elderly.

How Did The Great Pyrenees Come About?

The Great Pyrenees has a fossil history that dates back centuries, although the modern breed was generally used as a mountain dog – herding cattle and guarding farms – on the Pyrenean mountains between France and Spain.

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Great Pyrenees?

Given the apparent age of the Great Pyrenees, it’s not far-fetched to think that they were cross-bred with other dogs throughout the centuries. However, modern-day crossbreeding of dogs in the United States occurred largely after the 1960s and popularity piqued in the 1990s and early 2000s.

American owners of the Great Pyrenees likely began to crossbreed their dogs when it was most popular to do so.

The History of the Pitbull

The History of the Pitbull

The history of the Pitbull is one of, unfortunately, violence and fighting. Pitbulls were bred from Old English Bulldogs, and were used as hunting companions – designed with a large overbite and massive, powerful jaws, the Pitbull was bred to be ‘bull bait’ in England and designed to bite and hold onto the head and neck of large powerful animals.

Bull baiting as a sport was outlawed in the UK in 1835 with the Cruelty Against Animals Act, Pitbulls have since become companion dogs and are also used in military and police functions. Although, conversely, because of their violent history, Pitbulls are outlawed in various countries around the world.

How Popular Are Pitbulls in the United States?

Pitbulls are unfortunately outlawed in many US states and cities. This legal prohibition makes it difficult to acquire accurate statistics on their popularity. However, according to PitbullInfo, Pitbulls make up to 20% of America’s ‘strong’ dogs.

Who Are Pitbulls a Good Dog For?

Given their large frame, powerful shoulders and general muscle mass, Pitbulls aren’t animals for the faint-hearted! If you are strong enough to handle them, and are an active owner – whether you’re part of a family or are a single individuals, Pitbulls make wonderful companion despite – despite their temperamental issues. Pitbulls are unsuitable for the elderly due to their size and strength.

How Did Pitbulls Come About?

Pitbulls were originally bred in the 19th century in England, stemming from a mix between the Old English Bulldog and various other types of terriers. The result was a strong, dependable dog that was used initially in blood sports, before becoming a working dog and then finally, a loyal companion pet

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Pitbull?

Given that Pitbulls have a rather unfortunate legal status in most parts of the world, they are not often the subject of widespread crossbreeding campaigns by breeders. However, Pitbulls, just like most other crossbred dogs, were likely crossed during the 1990s and early 2000s in the United States, when crossbreeding was at the height of its popularity.

How Important Is a Dog’s Temperament to Your Family?

The importance of a dog’s temperament can be the difference between it staying with your family and it being re-homed, or brought back to wherever you got it from. Unfortunately for many dogs, the fault of the re-homing and resulting trauma lies with the owners’ failure to properly research their temperaments.

Of course, that’s not always the case – sometimes things just don’t work out – however, if you’re going to be purchasing or adopting any dog, you must research the temperament (or potential temperaments) of that dog thoroughly. You need to work out if the dog is a good fit for your family and if your family is a good fit for the dog.

What is the Temperament of the Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix?

Fortunately, despite the reputation of the Pitbull, the Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix is a very friendly dog. The Great Pyrenees genes tend to lean toward calmness – though when they’re out and about, expect your Great Pyrenees Pitbull to be somewhat excitable.

The Great Pyrenees Pitbull is also an energetic and active dog, requiring plenty of exercise, but when they’re at home, you’ll find them laying around and/or loving you! They’re also very protective, so your home will be safe.

Is The Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Friendly?

In general, the Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix is quite a friendly animal, you can expect some initial stubborn behavior, though this can be trained out of them.

Is The Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Easy to Train?

Depending on the predominant gene, you may find that the Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix is a little stubborn to begin with, but the Great Pyrenees genetics may take over in time, creating a very obedient dog.

How Much Can A Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Weigh?

The Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix is not a small dog, weighing anywhere from 70 to 95 pounds.

How Tall Can A Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Get?

You should expect your Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix to be a medium-sized dog, standing between 23 and 27 inches tall.

Similar Sized Breeds

There are a few similar-sized breeds to the Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix. These include: the Rhodesian Labrador, the Slovensky Cuvac, and the White Shepherd.

Does the Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Shed?

Yes! You can expect your Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix to shed year-round, though if they’ve inherited the Great Pyrenees’ double coat, you may see a ‘blow out’ twice a year (once in the spring, before summer and once in the fall, before winter) – this ‘blowing’ of their coat will leave you with enough fur to knit a small Corgi.

We recommend you brush your Great Pyrenees Pitbull once a week to keep shedding to a minimum.

How Much Exercise Does A Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Require?

You can expect to never stop with the Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix. They require at least 45 minutes of daily exercise (this can be as simple as a walk), or an off-leash run! Failure to exercise your dog sufficiently cause earlier-onset health problems.

How Long Can a Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Live?

The Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

What Health Conditions Could the Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Have?

How Can You Find a Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Puppy For Sale?

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix puppies can be difficult to find for sale. Which is why we initially recommend that you check out your local veterinary office or animal shelter to find a Great Pyrenees Pitbull pup that’s up for adoption.

Alternatively, you can search your local area online to see if one pops up there. You can use to perform the search!

How Much Does a Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Puppy Cost?

If you strike out with adopting a Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix puppy and you really want to go down the route of purchasing one, then you should prepare to spend between $1,000 and $1,500.

If you do decide to purchase a puppy, then make sure that you follow the AKC’s guidelines on finding and working with a reputable breeder.

Is the Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix the Right Breed For You?

The Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix may certainly have high demands when it comes to exercise, floor space, grooming and the like. However, should you decide to take on the privilege and responsibility of owning such a gorgeous dog, you’ll reap the rewards for years to come, and give them a second chance at a better life, while they continuously improve yours.

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