Do Pitbulls Shed? (Everything You Need to Know)

Published: 10/04/22 •  5 min read

Are you contemplating adopting or buying a Pitbull but want to first learn about their shedding habits? These lovable pups probably shed more than you think but learn from our first hand experience on how you can manage it! Continue reading to learn how much Pitbulls shed.

Do Pitbulls Shed?

Pitbulls may not necessarily be the most popular dog in America, ranking outside of the top 50 in the American Kennel Club’s 2021 rankings, that is partially down to their reputation and partially down to the fact that new owners are in for an unexpected and rude awakening once they get home – that Pitbulls do shed – a lot.

If you’re finding yourself in the same predicament – here’s our handy guide to Pitbull shedding and how to manage it. This can be especially important if anyone in your household has asthma or allergies.

Pitbull Coats

All Pitbulls are single-coated animals, so you won’t have to worry about the traditional ‘blowout’ that occurs with double-coated dogs like Retrievers and Huskies when they shed their winter coats in the Spring. However, while they’re not quite as capable of producing the type of shedding that you’d break out the knitting needles for but, they will require some maintenance.

Do Pitbulls Shed A Lot?

Do Pitbulls Shed A Lot?

Despite being single-coat dogs, Pitbulls can certainly shed a sizable amount, though regular brushing – once a week – will help take care of the majority of shedding. Given that Pitbulls are short-haired dogs, you might also need a lint roller to help with the shedding, as they have very fine hairs.

Why is My Pitbull Shedding?

While a moderate amount of shedding is to be expected with a Pitbull, excessive shedding can be both a nuisance and a sign that something is wrong. If you begin to notice excessive hair loss, be sure to check your Pitbulls fur for signs of skin irritation, or if you notice that your Pittie is scratching an area excessively. 

Unfortunately for Pitbulls, they can suffer from a medical condition known as skin allergy atopy – this is an autoimmune disorder which affects their ability to fight off skin irritants. Make sure you get your rescue tested for the allergy and then be mindful of what the reactants are.

How Can You Stop a Pitbull From Shedding?

Unfortunately its impossible to stop a Pitbull from shedding completely – hair loss is a natural part of a dog’s life cycle. Hair falls out, new hair grows and the sun rises and sets each day. The best thing you can do is try to manage the amount of hair your dog is shedding by combining a few tasks you can do every week!


A great way to prevent and protect your Pitbulls coat from irritation and hair loss is to routinely brush your dog. It should go without saying, but this should be done once a week at least but preferably a few times a week if possible. Brushing old hair away helps to rejuvenate the dog’s new hair and treating it with oils or moisturizer after brushing will help stimulate new growth.


One of the best things to do for your dog’s skin and hair is to routinely bathe your dog, applying shampoo all over to help wash off dead skin cells that are preventing proper hair loss. When it comes to shampooing your dog, there are good and bad shampoos to use – I know, you might not think it, but it’s true!


Sometimes, pets require a change in diet for health reasons, or cost reasons – some pet food is quite expensive! This can mean that your Pittie starts to shed more than normal. If you notice this, check with your vet to see if this is something that you should be concerned about or something that will pass as the dog becomes used to the food. If it is of concern, immediately revert to the previous food and see if that abates the symptom of skin irritation.


Another great way to encourage hair growth and maintain your dog’s decent coat is to include fish oil supplements in your dog’s diet. Whether you find them in chewable or oil form, you can always sneakily include them in your dog’s food bowl. This will provide them with a great supplement for their hair, without any of the fuss usually required for oral medications/supplements when feeding any animal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is My Pitbull Shedding So Much?

This could be a variety of factors. Since you don’t have to worry about a second coat, the cause of your Pitbull’s shedding could be medical, nutritional, or environment/stress related. It’s a matter of a process of elimination to find out the actual cause of the shedding, hopefully, our above list will help you weed out the culprit.

Do Pitbulls Shed in the Summer?

In short, yes. Pitbulls shed year-round, but particularly in the summer – as their body reacts to the soaring temperatures by seeking to self-regulate. Like other dogs, it does this by reducing the hair on the skin’s surface to cool the dog down. This is when you should be brushing your Pittie the most – strictly once a week.

When Is Pitbull Shedding Season?

Unlike double-coated dogs, Pitbulls are year-round shedders, with a more pronounced plumage in the Spring and Summer months. You’ll need to be more attentive with the brush in the summer, but in general, you should be brushing your Pittie once per week, once every fortnight at maximum.

Pitbulls are wonderful animals and make lovely pets – whether you have young children or not. While they do have a reputation for aggression, generally speaking, dogs take some of their temperamental tendencies from their growth environment. Consider this before you adopt a Pittie – and always make sure to have a decent brush handy.

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