Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Published: 10/06/22 •  8 min read

The lovable medium-sized Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog mix is an unusual match among breeders, mostly because it mixes two strange sizes – one a particularly small dog (the Corgi) with a particularly large dog, (the Bernese Mountain).

The result is a lovable, medium-sized slobber monster. These two dogs were both bred to be farm dogs originally, but have since migrated into lovable pets with good temperaments, despite their dramatic contrasting size.

Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
Our favorite Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix – @frankie.the.bernorgi

Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix – At a Glance

Weight:30-100 pounds
Height:10-12 inches tall
Lifespan:10-12 years
Coat Colors:tri-coloured dogs, usually with a mix of brown, black and white
Temperament:Loyal, fun-loving, gentle, playful
Most Suitable For:Family with/without kids, singles, couples

What Does a Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Look Like?

Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

The “Bernorgi” inherits some of the best physical characteristics from both breeds. It’s relatively short, like the Corgi, but has a fluffy coat with a longer face, their long and thick coats make for heavy brushing and, as they stem from Bernese Mountain Dogs, they’ll experience a ‘blowout’ of their coat, twice a year. 

The History of the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix:

One important thing to note is that mixing these two dogs is a relatively new trend, by all accounts. Therefore, our history of exactly when these two dogs began to mix is spotty, but we can surmise that they were bred for their looks – the idea of matching two beautiful dogs together to break the cute-o-meter!

Corgi History

Corgi History

The Corgi – more specifically the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was brought to Wales in 1107 AD by Flemish weavers – the Flemish – descendents of what is now modern-day Belgium. They break down at some point throughout their lineage into two separate breeds – one with a tail, one without, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Corgi respectively.

Today, Corgis are perhaps most recognizable as dogs of the Royal Household in the United Kingdom, and favourite pets of Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  

How Popular Are Corgis in the United States?

Corgis remain fairly popular breeds in the United States, ranking 11th overall in the American Kennel Club’s rankings of most popular breeds in 2021. In general, due to their size, laissez-faire life attitude, and gentle temperament, Corgis make spectacular family pets.

Who Are Corgis a Good Dog For?

Corgis of either stripe are a great pet for anyone! Old, young, single or with a family. They tend to blend in well to the family unit and their calm demeanor lends itself well to a family home. Their requirements of moderate exercise also mean you won’t have to expend a ton of energy to keep them occupied.

How Did Corgis Come About?

Corgis were first imported to the United States in the early 20th century and have been recognized by the AKC since 1925.

When Did We First Cross-Breed Corgis?

While the history of cross-breeding of the Corgi itself is relatively obscure, there are different theories as to their origin, including some who think they were a cross between the Swedish Vallhund and another dog. Their history is herding all types of livestock, from sheep to ducks and beyond.

Welsh Corgis were likely crossbred sometime in the 1990s and early 2000s, and have been a popular parent breed for many mixed-dog breeders. Some of the most popular Corgi crosses include:

Bernese Mountain Dog History

Bernese Mountain Dog History

The Bernese Mountain is a massive breed of farm dog, originating from Switzerland, stemming from the Sennenhund type dog, of the Berner Sennenhund breed – “Berner” being German for the area of Bern, which is now the Swiss Capital. “Berner Sennenhund” – Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a long and storied history as a farm dog, guarding property and running with cattle over long distances.

How Popular Are Bernese Mountain Dogs in the United States?

In 2021 the Bernese Mountain Dogs ranked 20th in popularity throughout the United States. They’re heavily favoured among families as family pets, rather than working dogs. This is due mainly to their good looks and fantastic temperament. They’ve developed a reputation as the “gentle giant” of large dog breeds.

Who Are Bernese Mountain Dogs A Good Dog For?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are great dogs for just about anyone, with the possible exception of the elderly and those who live in small spaces. Because of the Bernese’s size, it needs ample exercise and room to move around. 

How Did Bernese Mountain Dogs Come About?

Bernese Mountain Dogs were first recognized by the AKC in 1937, but have history stretching to Ancient Rome and the Swiss Alps.

How Did We First Cross-Breed Bernese Mountain Dogs?

The first record of cross-breeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog is difficult to obtain, but records show that Sherry Rupke first bred the “Bernedoodle” – one such cross, breeding a poodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog in 2003. This is one of the earliest records of cross breeding of Bernese Mountain dogs.

More popular Bernese Mountain Dog crosses include:

What is the Temperament of the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix?

Luckily for their owners, the Corgi and Bernese Mountain Dogs both have very calm temperaments, with the Corgis being slightly more excitable and perhaps slightly more aggressive, with a shrill bark due to their smaller size.

Are Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Friendly?

Yes, both breeds are traditionally very friendly animals, so you should expect any cross breed of Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs to be friendly as well. 

Are Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Easy to Train?

Typically, both sets are very obedient, as they were both bred as herding dogs. You shouldn’t expect too many issues when trying to train the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix.

How Much Can Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Weigh?

Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes will typically weigh anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds, depending on which set of genes they get their weight from! Prepare for a medium-to-large dog, either way!

How Tall Can Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Get?

Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog mixes typically reach ten to twelve inches tall at shoulder height. Not very tall dogs for their potential weight.

Similar Sized Breeds

The curious mix of the small and large breeds of the Corgi and Bernese Mountain will produce a dog of similar size to the Golden Retriever, Samoyed, certain Husky types and other medium-sized dogs.

Does a Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Shed?

Yes! Plenty. As the Bernese is a double-coated dog, you should expect moderate to heavy shedding, twice a year. Be sure to have a good brush handy and thoroughly brush the dog once per week.

How Much Exercise Does a Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Require?

As both dogs are herding dogs, you can expect them to have quite a bit of energy. While they won’t need to run as much as, say, a Retriever, a moderate amount of exercise is required for this mix. Consider doing a 45 minute walk daily with the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix.

How Long Does a Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Live?

The lifespan of the Corgi is between 12-15 years, while the Bernese Mountain Dog is between 6-8 years.

Therefore we can assume the life expectancy of the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog mix is anywhere between 10-12 years.

Like with any dog, there are a number of factors that will determine the number of years your specific Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog mix lives like diet and exercise.

What Health Conditions Could the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Have?

In general, your mixed breed Bernorgi might have a better chance at living longer, as mixed breeds tend to be generally healthier than purebred dogs. However, there are a few illnesses/health issues of both separate breeds, that might be worth a discussion with your vet.

How Can You Find a Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix For Sale?

You should always start with a local adoption agency for pets, or try your local rescue shelter.

Leave a note for them to keep an eye out for any Bernorgis seeking a new home. Always try to rescue a dog before going through a breeder!

How Much Does a Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Cost?

The Bernese Mountain Dog could cost you around $700-$2000, depending on pedigree, location, etc. Therefore, you can expect your Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix to be a little cheaper in price by a couple of hundred dollars. Either way, buying a Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix puppy will always be more expensive than adopting.

Is the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix the Right Breed For You?

If you like an easy-going dog that’s great with kids, but still has the energy left to run around and enjoy their lives with you, then the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix might just be the dog for you. They tend to do very well as guardian dogs, despite their noticeably smaller size than one of their breed ancestors. These fantastic companion dogs are great for all types of owners. 

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