Corgi Yorkie Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Published: 01/09/23 •  13 min read

The Corgi Yorkie mix, known as the “Korky,” is a small mixed-breed dog that combines the Yorkshire Terrier and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This mix creates an adorable little dog with a high prey drive, a friendly and loyal temperament, and a curious physical appearance.

Corgi Yorkie Mix
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A breed created in the United Kingdom, with Pembroke Welsh Corgis coming from (you guessed it) Wales, and the Yorkshire Terrier coming from the Yorkshire region of England, you’re sure to find this British invasion into your home to be even more pleasant than when the Beatles did the same in the 1960s.

The Yorkshire Terrier’s high-energy nature will hopefully be calmed by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s more even-tempered nature. The Corgi Yorkie might be one of the cutest of all the Corgi mixes.

Come with us as we explore the history, temperaments, popularities, and more of the parent breeds to give you an insight into what to expect from your Yorkie Corgi mix.

Corgi Yorkie Mix – At a Glance

Weight:8 – 10 pounds
Height:6 – 9 inches
Lifespan:12 – 15 years
Coat Colors:Black, grey, blue, white, fawn, gold/yellow, brown/chocolate/liver, red
Temperament:Loyal, active, intelligent, playful, outgoing, friendly
Most Suitable For:Families with or without children, single individuals and the elderly.

What Does a Corgi Yorkie Mix Look Like?

Corgi Yorkie Mix
Photo: Instagram

Like most designer breeds, the Corgi Yorkie mix will borrow its physical appearance from both parent breeds, although different parts of each parent breed will be more obvious in certain places.

The Corgi Yorkie will likely take its body shape and weight from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, particularly if it ends up on the heavier side. However, it will remain the same height as a Yorkshire Terrier. It will also inherit the Yorkshire Terrier’s silky coat in various lengths, medium and long. It may inherit a mixture of the Yorkshire Terrier and Pembroke Corgi’s coat colors.

Facially, your Yorkie Corgi may inherit the Corgi’s upright, long, rounded ears, but the button nose and small, black eyes of the Yorkshire Terrier. The Corgi Yorkie mix will likely also have a short, furry tail.

Be aware that, as with all designer breeds, their exact physical appearance is very difficult to predict accurately.

The History of the Corgi Yorkie Mix

Like many designer dogs, the Corgi Yorkshire Terrier mix is relatively new, so we don’t have much history to draw from. However, both parent breeds – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Yorkshire Terrier – have plenty to draw upon.

As future dog owners, you want to be prepared to welcome a Corgi Yorkie to your furry family. We will take you through the history of these breeds, their popularity levels and temperaments to help you figure out whether or not the Corgi Yorkie mix is the right breed for your family.

The History of the Yorkie

The History of the Yorkie

The Yorkie, or Yorkshire Terrier to give it its proper name, was bred in the English region of Yorkshire during the mid-19th century. Scottish immigrant workers brought a variety of terriers with them when they came to Yorkshire. These terriers had a variety of coat lengths, but were all very small dogs. They included the Paisley Terrier and various other “Scotch Terriers” – the phrase meant dogs from Scotland.

The goal of the workers’ who bred the Yorkie – mostly those who worked in cotton and wool mills – was to breed a rat-killing dog. “Yorkshire Terrier” became a phrase used for any dog bred in Yorkshire, and it wasn’t until 1860, when “Huddersfield Ben” became prominent in dog shows, that the Yorkshire Terrier of today was born.

Despite their history as rat-killers, the modern-day Yorkshire Terrier is a companion pet, known for their loving nature as a small, yappy-type dog. Yorkshire Terriers are most commonly family pets or companion pets for the elderly. Due to their small size, they make perfect pet for first-time dog owners.

How Popular Are Yorkie’s in the United States?

The first Yorkshire Terrier was brought to the United States in 1872. The American Kennel Club first recognized the breed standard in 1885. The Yorkshire Terrier gained popularity among Americans almost immediately.

During the Second World War, there was a famous Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky. This war dog would receive many accolades and is largely responsible for the renewed interest in Yorkshire Terriers in the United States after the end of the war.

In 2021, the Yorkshire Terrier was the 13th most popular dog in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.

Who Are Yorkies A Good Dog For?

Given their small stature, Yorkshire Terriers for almost anyone, including the elderly. In fact, they’re a favorite among elderly owners for this reason.

Their small size also makes them excellent family dogs. Their loyal and loving nature means they will likely fit in well with a family of dogs. Your Yorkie won’t be trekking up mountains with you, but can participate in other family activities, such as a day out sightseeing.

Future dog owners looking for a small breed should strongly consider the Yorkie – the smallest of all terrier-type dogs.

How Did Yorkies Come About?

Scottish migrant workers originally brought the Yorkshire Terrier to Yorkshire, England in the 19th century. Bred from various silky-hair and long-haired terriers, the Yorkshire Terrier didn’t have a breed standard for several decades following its arrival.

Everything bred in Yorkshire that vaguely resembled a Yorkshire Terrier was named as such, until 1860, when a breed standard was established using a dog named “Huddersfield Ben.”

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Yorkie?

As a result of crossbreeding, it isn’t easy to pinpoint when the Yorkshire Terrier was first crossbred. However, the popularity of crossbreeding the Yorkshire Terrier likely began sometime in the 1990s or early 2000s, around the time crossbreeding became popular throughout the United States.

Several Yorkie mixes, likely created during this time, include:

The History of the Corgi

The History of the Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was first brought to the United Kingdom in 1107 A.D. by Flemish weavers, who settled in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Originally used as a herding dog, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi relied on its thick, dense double coat to keep it warm during winter in Wales.

Other, more capable herding breeds eventually replaced the Pembroke Welsh Corgi as the centuries progressed. The Corgi became a companion pet instead. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was known for enjoying physical activity and being a friendly, pleasant breed without too many health issues. It also didn’t have that many behavioral issues that couldn’t be rectified with proper training.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi also caught the eye of royalty. Queen Elizabeth II owned more than thirty Corgis during her lifetime and is even responsible for creating the Corgi Dachshund mix, the Dorgi, by allowing one of her Corgis to mate with Princess Margaret’s Dachshund.

Another Welsh Corgi that doesn’t get enough notoriety is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Cardigan Welsh comes from the Cardigan region of Wales, but is nowhere near as popular as it’s Pembroke cousin. Originally classified as the same breed, the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis were not seen as separate breeds until 1935, when both the England’s Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club separated the breeds.

How Popular Are Corgis in the United States?

Despite only arriving on the American scene in the 1930s, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has become one of the most popular family dogs in the country. They are still used as herding dogs in some parts of the United States but are mostly now companion pets.

In 2021, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ranked as the 11th most popular dog in the United States. Their cousin, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, isn’t unfortunately as popular, ranking only the 67th most popular. 

Who Are Corgis Good Dogs For?

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a fantastic dog for so many people! Whether you’re an elderly person looking for a loving, devoted companion or a family looking for a plus-one to the unit, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Cardigan Welsh Corgi could fit in almost everywhere they go.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi doesn’t necessarily fit in well in apartment spaces, as they’re known for being vocal dogs and can suffer from separation anxiety. Corgis can be OK with families with older children, but those with younger ones are advised that Corgis nip and ‘herd’ as part of their instincts.

Be aware of this and take corrective action if you spot your Corgi herding your kids! 

How Did Corgis Come About?

The Pembroke Corgi came about in the 12th century, as Flemish weavers moved from modern-day Belgium to Pembrokeshire, Wales. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi comes from the town of Cardigan, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Originally used as herding breeds, both the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis are now firmly in the category of companion pets.

When Did We First Cross-Breed the Corgi?

Due to the age of the Pembroke Corgi as a breed, crossbreeding likely occurred many times throughout their history, but no records were kept.

The Pembroke Corgi is a very popular part of hybrid breeds due to their friendly and even-tempered nature, which tends to mitigate undesirable characteristics of the other breed.

In the modern era, crossbreeding of Pembroke Welsh Corgis likely began in the 1990s and early 2000s as a crossbreeding craze swept the United States. This resulted in dozens of different Corgi mixes. Here are some of the most popular Pembroke Corgi mixed dog breeds:

Another popular Corgi crossbreed in the United States is the American Corgi, which crosses Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi together. This is something of a faux pas among dedicated mixed-breed breeders.

How Important is a Dog’s Temperament to Your Family?

When researching what type of dog you want to introduce into your family unit, one of the most important things is to understand your family’s temperament and lifestyle – and then select a dog that will fit into the unit.

Remember, your dog is supposed to adjust to you and your life, not the other way around. Even if you’re not sure what breed you want yet, have an idea in your head of what type of dog you’re looking for.

Are you looking for a dog that can run up mountains with you? Or are you looking for a companion pet that will be more at home on the couch than in the woods? Do you have a large yard where the dog can run, or are you confined to a smaller space?

All these questions will help you decide what type of dog you want – then you can start researching the temperament you want in your dog. If you have kids, you’ll want a gentle and kind dog, easy to please, and no aggressive tendencies.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’ll want a dog that accompanies you on these forays – meaning you’ll want an athletic breed with some stamina. As prospective owners, it’s your responsibility to research doggie temperaments and pick the best match for you and your family.

What is the Temperament of the Corgi Yorkie Mix?

The Yorkie Corgi is a very friendly and loving breed, inheriting that from Welsh Corgis, while it can be somewhat stubborn and will be full of energy, like Yorkshire Terriers. Other parts of the Corgi Yorkshire Terrier mix’s temperament include, unfortunately, the likelihood of suffering from separation anxiety, as they are very social animals.

Be sure to give them something to entertain themselves if you leave them alone for an extended period.

Is the Corgi Yorkie Mix Friendly?

The Corgi Yorkie mix is well-known for being the most friendly breed. Although sometimes this friendliness can spill over into hyperactivity, please keep this in mind. The Welsh Corgis’ genes may temper the Yorkshire Terriers’ excitability.

Is The Corgi Yorkie Mix Easy to Train?

Given that the Corgi Yorkie mix comes from two excitable genetic partners, you can expect a bit of stubbornness from them. Yorkshire Terriers are renowned for being difficult to train, and you might have to invest in proper training via a certified trainer.

You can use positive reinforcement at home to correct behavioral issues in your Corgi Yorkie mix.

How Much Does a Corgi Yorkie Mix Weigh?

The average weight of a Corgi Yorkie mix is between 8 and 10 pounds.

How Tall Can a Corgi Yorkie Mix Get?

The average height of a Corgi Yorkie mix is between 6 and 9 inches tall.

Similar-Sized Breeds

There are a few similar-sized breeds to the Corgi Yorkie mix. These include the Bichon Frise, the Maltese, and the Papillon.

Does the Corgi Yorkie Mix Shed?

Yes! Despite only having a single coat, this little dog will shed like it’s the backyard structure for your tools. Prospective owners should brush their Corgi Yorkie mix well once a week to mitigate fur loss. You should also wash your Corgi Yorkie’s coat as part of regular grooming.

How Much Exercise Does a Corgi Yorkie Mix Require?

Corgi Yorkie mixes are very athletic and energetic dogs, requiring plenty of exercise to burn off their energy. Expect to walk your Corgi Yorkie mix for 45 minutes to an hour daily.

How Long Can A Corgi Yorkie Mix Live?

The average lifespan of a Corgi Yorkie mix is between 12 and 15 years.

What Health Conditions Could the Corgi Yorkie Mix Have?

How Can You Find a Corgi Yorkie Mix Puppy For Sale?

Before you search for a Corgi Yorkie mix puppy for sale, we recommend you consider adoption as an alternative. Thousands of hybrid breeds are often the result of accidental mating that wind up in shelters across the country.

Consider checking your local animal shelter or vet clinic to see if one of these mixed dog breeds – including the Corgi Yorkie mix has ended up there and is ready to be adopted.

If you strike out in person, consider looking online at, which allows you to search for the breed you’re looking for.

How Much Does a Corgi Yorkie Mix Puppy Cost?

A Corgi Yorkie mix puppy can range from $400 to $1000! The high cost of a mixed dog breed is another reason to consider adopting a hybrid breed.

If you’re considering purchasing a Corgi Yorkie mix, we highly recommend that you read our article on finding a reputable breeder.

Is the Corgi Yorkie Mix The Right Breed For You?

The Corgi Yorkie mix might be the right breed for you if you’ve been searching for an active little dog for your family. The Corgi Yorkie mix combines the best of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Yorkshire Terrier to give you a small, affectionate pup with a bit of a Napoleon complex.

If you’ve already decided that the Corgi Yorkie mix isn’t for you, then you should check out other breed guides to see if you can find a dog that’s better suited.

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