Shiba Inu Corgi Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Published: 11/18/22 •  9 min read

The Shiba Inu Corgi mix is the perfect companion for those looking for an active, outdoorsy-type dog, with a protective, watchdog-type nature. They’re also great dogs for the elderly and those in urban environments. Their small size and moderate exercise demands mean they fit in well with those who are good with daily walks. The Shiba Inu Corgi mix is perfect for the family, or the single individual!

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix
Photo: @corgi_inu_kohaku

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – At A Glance

Height:10 – 15 inches
Weight:15 – 25 pounds
Lifespan: ~14 years
Coat Colors: Black, brown, red, fawn, blue, white, pied, sable, brindle
Temperament:Energetic, affectionate, loyal, playful, alert, social & intelligent
Most Suitable For:Active families, active couples without children, single individuals & the elderly

What Does a Shiba Inu Corgi Look Like?

Shiba Inu Corgi
Photo: @ghibli_puff

The Shiba Inu Corgi mix will likely inherit some physical features from both of its parent breeds. You can expect your Shiba Inu Corgi to have a long body, with stout legs and a fox-like face. You can expect pointy ears, a long snout and short, sharp teeth. It balances its long, Corgi body and short legs with the facial features of the Shiba, finishing with a short tail.

The History of the Shiba Inu Corgi Mix

As this is a designer dog breed, the exact history of the Shiba Inu Corgi mix is difficult to pin down, though we can surmise that the crossbreeding of the Corgi and Shiba first happened sometime between 1990 and the early 2000s, when the popularity of crossbreeding in North America skyrocketed.

The History of the Corgi

The History of the Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a history stretching back centuries to 1107 AD when Wales became the home of Flemish weavers (who came from what is today modern-day Belgium). The Corgi was originally bred by the Flemish as a cattle herding dog and remained so throughout its history in Wales.

Later on in the life of the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi, it would be crossed with a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi would become a favourite royal pet – including being the favourite pet of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

How Popular is the Corgi in the United States?

Corgis have long enjoyed popularity in the United States. They are well known for their easy-going nature and fervent loyalty to their owners. In 2021, they were ranked as the 11th most popular dog in the country by the American Kennel Club.

Who is the Corgi a Good Dog For?

Corgis are great dogs for almost everyone! Their easygoing nature and low maintenance make them the perfect pet for almost any family unit. They’re not particularly aggressive dogs, though they do tend to herd, so be aware of this before you adopt.

In general, Corgis are wonderful dogs for the elderly, single individuals, or couples with or without children.

How Did the Corgi Come About?

Corgis were brought to Wales by Flemish weavers from Belgium, dating back to 1107 AD. They were used originally as cattle herding dogs by the Flemish, who settled in the Welsh countryside and kept cattle.

When Did We First Cross-Breed the Corgi?

Given that Corgis have an extensive history, they were likely crossbred throughout Europe from a very early age, though their exact crossbreeding history is lost to the sands of time. However, the popularity of crossbreeding in the United States in the 1990s and 2000s increased the popularity of crossbreeding of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

The History of the Shiba Inu

The History of the Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu originated in Japan some 2000 years ago and was originally used by the Japanese as a hunting dog, catching small game and ground-based birds. The Shiba was traded and sold to Europe in the 16th century as trading and commerce routes opened up between Japan and Europe.

The Shiba first entered the United States in 1954, brought into the country by a military veteran family returning from the Korean War.

How Popular is the Shiba Inu in the United States?

The Shiba’s arrival in the United States in 1954 means that it hasn’t had quite as long as other breeds to climb the popularity ladder, however, they still remain reasonably popular. 

In 2021, the Shiba Inu was the 42nd most popular dog in the country, according to the American Kennel Club’s rankings.

Who is the Shiba Inu a Good Dog For?

Shiba Inu’s are excitable little buggers, well known for their zest and zeal and being energetic. Therefore, they’re a great dog for the active couple or family, but not so good for the elderly, who may not be able to keep up with their physical activity requirements.

How Did the Shiba Inu Come About?

The Shiba Inu was first bred by the Japanese over 2000 years ago, to act as a hunting companion for small game and ground-based birds.

When Did We First Cross Breed the Shiba Inu?

The history of the crossbreeding of the Shiba Inu begins sometime after the 16th century, when English hunting dogs were first introduced into the mix – almost breeding the continental Shiba Inu into extinction. Given this near-disaster for the breed, it is now fairly rare to find a crossbred Shiba outside of the United States.

How Important is a Dog’s Temperament to Your Family?

If you think of your family as a dog’s ‘pack’, then you’ll know that you want to introduce new ‘pack’ members with a degree of caution, but an abundance of confidence that you’ve made the right decision.

Before you introduce a new dog into your family, you must conduct thorough research on the temperament of this new dog and the effects that it may have on your family unit. Make sure you read as much as you can to ensure that the dog and your family will be a temperamental match.

Temperamental mismatches may result in unnecessary time and money being put into training or more trauma for your family, and the dog, as it may need to be returned to the breeder, or vet clinic that it came from and re-homed.

What is the Temperament of the Shiba Inu?

The Shiba Inu Corgi mix generally has a very friendly, loving temperament. It is fiercely loyal and owes much of its watchdog capabilities to its Shiba genetics. It’s an intelligent, social and affectionate breed with a calm demeanour.

Is the Shiba Inu Corgi Friendly?

In general, the Shiba Inu Corgi mix is a very friendly dog!

Is the Shiba Inu Corgi Easy to Train?

Yes, the Shiba Inu Corgi can be relatively easily trained. Though the Corgi genes may inhibit this slightly, as they can be somewhat stubborn.

How Much Can the Shiba Inu Corgi Mix Weigh?

The Shiba Inu Corgi mix weighs between 15 and 25 pounds.

How Tall Can the Shiba Inu Corgi Mix Get?

The Shiba Inu Corgi mix stands between 10 and 15 inches tall.

Similar Sized Breeds to the Corgi Shiba

There are a few dogs that are similar in size to the Shiba Inu Corgi mix. These include the Finnish Spitz, the Akita, the Samoyed, the Kugsha and the Pomeranian Spitz.

Does the Shiba Inu Corgi Mix Shed?

Yes they do. Unfortunately for those with allergies, the Shiba Inu Corgi isn’t going to be the dog for you. Even more unfortunate for those without shop vacs, you’re going to be emptying your vacuum quite a bit.

For those who’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a lint brush, however, the Shiba Inu Corgi may just be your ticket! The Shiba Inu Corgi is a heavily-shedding animal. Be prepared to brush your Shiba Inu Corgi at least 4 to 5 times a week in order to stave off the shedding.

How Much Exercise Does the Shiba Inu Corgi Mix Require?

The Shiba Inu Corgi mix will require plenty of exercise – at least 45 minutes of exercise each day will keep this energetic breed tired, though if you want to cut back on the daily exercise, we recommend an off-leash run on the weekends.

How Long Can a Shiba Inu Corgi Mix Live?

The average lifespan of the Shiba Inu Corgi mix is around 14 years.

What Health Conditions Could the Shiba Inu Corgi Mix Have?

How Can You Find a Shiba Inu Corgi Puppy For Sale?

Before you go hunting for a Shiba Inu Corgi mix puppy to purchase, we first recommend that you look to adopt a mixed puppy instead. Check with your local veterinary offices and animal shelters to see if anyone has dropped off a Shiba Inu Corgi mix!

Alternatively, if you strike out in person, you can check online at, which allows you to search locally for a breed of your choice that’s up for adoption.

How Much Does a Shiba Inu Corgi Mix Puppy Cost?

The average cost for a Shiba Inu Corgi mix puppy is between $800 and $2500. Which is yet another reason to consider adoption before purchasing!

If, however, you do decide to go through a breeder. We highly recommend that you read and follow the American Kennel Club’s guidelines to find and work with a responsible dog breeder.

Is the Shiba Inu Corgi Mix the Right Breed for You?

The Shiba Inu Corgi mix is a delightful little dog with plenty of personality to boot! If you’ve been looking for a watchdog, or an alert, spunky companion dog that’ll run you ragged and then snuggle up for a cuddle – the Shiba Inu Corgi mix may just be the perfect dog for you and your family!

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