Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix: The Ultimate Guide

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The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is the perfect even-tempered mixed-breed dog for those seeking an easy-going and moderately active companion pet. Bred sometime in the 1990s or early 2000s, the Pom-Chi is one of the most popular Pomeranian and Chihuahua crosses you’re likely to find.

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix
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Bred sometime in the 1990s or early 2000s, the Pom-Chi is one of the most popular Pomeranian and Chihuahua crosses you’re likely to find.

In this article, we’ll cover the histories, popularity and suitability of each parent breed, to give you a better understanding of how the Pomeranian Chihuahua came to be. Read on to see if the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix could be the right breed for your family.

Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix – At a Glance

Weight:4 – 12 pounds
Height:6 – 10 inches
Lifespan:12 – 18 years
Coat Colors:Sable, brown, blue, tan, black, cream, or a combination thereof
Temperament:Feisty, affectionate, bold, loving, loyal
Most Suitable For:Active families, active elderly couples or single individuals

What Does a Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Look Like?

Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix
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The Chihuahua Pomeranian mix will inherit its physical appearance from both parent breeds – like all designer dog breeds. It will likely have a double coat that comes in a range of colors. Both of these toy breeds have double coats – the first has shorter hair, the second coat is a long-haired layer.

It’s compact size will remain. It will likely inherit the upright, pointed ears of the Chihuahua, with the facial features and the eyes of the Pomeranian. It’s eyes are likely to be black or brown in color.

As with many mixed-breed dogs, it’s difficult to predict the exact physical appearance of the Pom-Chi, as it all depends on the predominant genetics.

The History of the Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix

Unfortunately, there isn’t much history to glean from about the Pom-Chi. It was likely bred sometime in the early 1990s, as the Pomeranian Chihuahua Club of America was formed in 1998.

Luckily, both parent breeds – the Pomeranian and Chihuahua – have extensive histories, despite coming from different parts of the world, the Pomeranian was bred in the region of Pomerania (hence it’s name), that straddled northern Poland and Germany centuries ago. Meanwhile, the Chihuahua’s history stretches back to the mid-19th century in the Mexican state of the same name.

The History of the Pomeranian

The History of the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian originated in Pomerania, although precise history concerning the origins of the Pomeranian is missing from the pages of history, the breed was originally popularized in the United Kingdom.

In 1767, Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of the United Kingdom brought two Pomeranians with her when she agreed to marry George in England. This lead to the popularization of the breed in the UK, and a kennel of Pomeranians was eventually founded by Queen Victoria (yes, that one), Queen Charlotte’s granddaughter.

In the late 19th century, there were many royal owners of Pomeranians, including the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and King George V. Given their popularity among royalty. it wasn’t long until Pomeranians became a popular breed for families, renowned for their Napoleon complex and with a small average size, Pomeranians have gained huge popularity over the last century or so as companion pets.

How Popular Are Pomeranians in the United States?

Pomeranians first entered the United States near the turn of the 20th century and were considered a toy breed due to their size. Most Pomeranians stand between 10 and 14 inches in height, making them a perfect breed for apartment living.

In 2021, Pomeranians ranked as the 24th most popular dog in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.

Who Are Pomeranians a Good Dog For?

Pomeranians are well-liked for their personality – they’re an energetic dog breed that makes the perfect active companion. Pomeranians are great for the active elderly single individual or couple and are gentle enough to be around older children and fit well in a family unit.

How Did Pomeranian Come About?

Exactly what breeds created the Pomeranian, we don’t know – however, we do know that they originated in Pomerania – a region nestled between northern Poland and northern Germany. Their lineage can be traced to the German Spitz breed, and they were popularized in the United Kingdom in the 18th century.

They were originally brought to the United Kingdom by Queen Charlotte, who married George III in 1767. This made the Pomeranian a very popular dog among royal households and they were owned by a whole host of royals, including Queen Victoria and George V – father of Queen Elizabeth II.

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian parent is one of the more popular crossbreeds of our time. It’s likely that Pomeranians first became popular breeding parent dogs during the 1990s and early 2000s, when crossbreeding became popular throughout the United States.

Several popular Pomeranian crossbreeds include:

The History of the Chihuahua

The History of the Chihuahua

The world’s smallest dog breed was originally first noted in Mexico in the mid-19th century. Although it has a lineage stretching back to the Techichi, a small dog that was kept by the Aztec tribe, the Toltec Peoples, as far back as the ninth century!

Although much of the interim history of the Chihuahua is lost to the annals of history, it was first noted in Mexico in the mid-19th century and made its way into the United States in the early 20th century – often sold as goods on the Mexican/American border to American tourists.

The Chihuahua was first recognized as a breed in the United States in 1904, by the American Kennel Club. Categorized in the ‘toy breeds’ category due to their small size, Chihuahuas have long been favored among urban dwellers for their apartment-friendly size.

How Popular Are Chihuahuas in the United States?

In the United States, Chihuahuas have been gaining popularity since their recognition by the AKC in 1904.

In 2021, the Chihuahua ranked as the 37th most popular dog in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club rankings.

Who Are Chihuahuas a Good Dog For?

Chihuahuas are a fantastic option for a wide range of people. Beloved by the elderly for their size – making them easy to walk and transport – and beloved by families for their affectionate nature.

One thing to be aware of: if leaving your Chihuahua alone for long periods of time, it’s important that you get them a toy to play with. Fill a KONG toy with their favorite treats. Sometimes, they can become bored when left alone and this could lead to destructive behavior.

How Did Chihuahuas Come About?

Chihuahuas were first noted in Mexico in the mid-19th century, but are thought to have existed for many centuries prior, with their lineage stretching back to the time of Aztecs.

In 1904, the American Kennel Club recognized the Chihuahua in their toy breed category. It has been a faithful companion to many Americans ever since.

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are most often crossbred with dogs of similar size to the Chihuahua. However, when this is not the case, female Chihuahuas are often impregnated via IVF treatments due to their smaller size.

Chihuahuas were likely first crossbred during the 1990s and early 2000s, particularly those impregnated via IVF treatments. Several popular Chihuahua crosses created during this time include:

How Important Is a Dog’s Temperament to Your Family?

One of the most important aspects of getting any new dog is ensuring it is a temperamental match for your family. This means, steering away from potentially aggressive dogs if you have children, or hyperactive dogs with high-energy levels, if you’re more of a relaxed person/family.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a dog that’s a cuddle-buddy, you’ll want a dog that’s fairly affectionate, rather than of an independent temperament.

What is the Temperament of the Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix?

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is the ultimate lapdog! As a very affectionate and loyal dog, it’s got a big bark for a little dog and will be highly protective! As a protective breed that’s suspicious of other humans and dogs, proper socialization is a great remedy for an over-protective dog.

You can expect your Chihuahua Pomeranian mix to be quite vocal – they tend to bark a lot – though this can be rectified with training.

Is The Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Friendly?

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is definitely a friendly dog! Particularly towards its favorite humans. Though it may be suspicious around strangers.

Is The Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Easy to Train?

The Pom-Chi might be a bit challenging to train, this is due to their independence and general activity levels. However, with persistence, positive reinforcement training, you’ll have a much easier time of training your Chihuahua Pomeranian mix.

How Much Can A Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Weigh?

The average weight of a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix is 4 and 12 pounds.

How Tall Can A Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Get?

The average height of a Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix is between 6 and 10 inches tall.

Similar-Sized Breeds

There are a few similar-sized breeds to the Pom Chi. These include:

Does the Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Shed?

Given its double coat, you can expect your Chihuahua Pomeranian mix to be a light-shedder year-round. You’ll likely need to give your Pom-Chi a weekly brush, and other regular grooming.

How Much Exercise Does A Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Require?

Your Chihuahua Pomeranian mix will be quite an active dog, needing daily walks of roughly 45 minutes in length. Because of the breed size, the Pom-Chi won’t be climbing mountains, but does enjoy a brisk stroll every day.

How Long Can a Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Live?

The average lifespan of a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix is between 12 and 18 years. Making it one of the longest-living mixed-breed dogs!

What Health Conditions Could the Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Have?

How Can You Find a Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Puppy For Sale?

Before you start searching for a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix puppy for sale, try searching for one to adopt first! Adoption should be your first port of call when trying to find a mixed-breed pup, as many wind up in animal shelters or your local vet clinics.

Try those two places first and if you’re unsuccessful, try searching online at AdoptAPet.com.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Puppy Cost?

The average cost of a Pom-Chi pup is around $500. While not bank-breaking, you would still pay less in adoption fees.

However, if you decide that you still wish to purchase a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, it’s critical that you find and work with reputable breeders! Puppy mills are becoming more common – particularly for popular breeds like the Pomeranian Chihuahua – learn how to avoid those and find the best breeder possible by reading our article on the subject.

Is the Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix the Right Breed For You?

If you have been searching for an active mixed-breed dog with a stubborn streak, that knows how to relax but has a keen sense of playtime, then the Pom-Chi might be what you’ve been looking for.

If, however, you’re certain that the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix isn’t the right dog for you, consider reading our other breed guides to learn more about other mixed-breed dogs.

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