Corgi Jack Russell Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Published: 12/29/22 •  13 min read

The Corgi Jack Russell mix is a small mixed-breed dog that combines the Jack Russell Terrier with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to create an energetic, agile dog with a short, smooth coat and a spring in its step.

Corgi Jack Russell Mix
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Both parent breeds are renowned for their spritely energy and friendliness. This lively little fella is sure to brighten up your day and your home! The Jack Russell Corgi is most at home with a family or single individual who enjoys walking them and generally being a faithful companion.

Corgi Jack Russells are small enough to carry easily and aren’t much for barking, which them ideal for senior citizens, as the Corgi’s calmer temperament balances the Jack Russell’s excitable nature. 

Corgi Jack Russell Mix – At a Glance

Weight:18 – 28 pounds
Height:10 – 13 inches
Lifespan:12 – 15 years
Coat Colors:Black, white, black and white, black and tan, tan and white
Temperament:Affectionate, loyal, athletic, lively, spry
Most Suitable For:Families, active couples or single individuals, or the elderly

What Does a Corgi Jack Russell Mix Look Like?

Corgi Jack Russell Mix
Photo: Instagram

Like all mixed breeds, the Corgi Jack Russell mix will borrow parts of its physical appearance from both parent breeds. In this case, the Jack Russell will be most evident in the hind quarters and thinner body shape of the Jack Russell Corgi, while you may expect to see the Corgi present in the almond-shaped eyes of the dog.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is more likely to come through in the Jack Russell Corgi color pattern – although, with any mixed breed, their exact physical appearance is difficult to predict – so your Corgi Jack Russell mix may adopt the color patterns of the Jack Russell or a combination of the two.

The History of the Corgi Jack Russell Mix

As a designer breed, the history of the Corgi Jack Russell is hard to come by – they’re a relatively new hybrid breed that has only been around for roughly 15 to 20 years.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the crossbreeding of dogs peaked in popularity in the United States, which saw all kinds of dogs bred with one another – including many via IVF treatments. Though this wasn’t the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier – being similar in size, they were able to breed together naturally.

To learn more about the Corgi Jack Russell mix, we’ll look at both parent breeds to learn as much as possible about their histories, temperaments, popularity, and more. All this information will hopefully help you decide whether or not the Corgi Jack Russell mix is the right breed for you!

The History of the Jack Russell

The History of the Jack Russell

The Jack Russell Terrier was a creation of John Russell, an English hunting enthusiast in the early 19th century. One of the problems English fox hunters of the time were encountering was that they couldn’t differentiate the dogs they were using from the fox they were hunting. This resulted in some being accidentally shot.

Russell sought to remedy this by creating a small enough dog that would be able to enter a fox’s den and cause the fox to ‘bolt,’ allowing their masters to shoot them. John Russell purchased a dog named Trump off a local milkman, a white and tan dog – similar to the Jack Russell Terriers you see today – Trump, he felt, fit the bill for the terrier he’d been searching for.

After purchasing Trump, Russell began to breed the dog with other white terriers found locally. By 1850, the Jack Russell Terrier had become its own breed.

Following the conclusion of the Second World War, the Jack Russell became near obsolete as the need for hunting dogs became something of a thing of the past. Jack Russells were still prevalent in England but had now transitioned to being companion pets. 

How Popular Are Jack Russells in the United States?

The Jack Russell Terrier was brought to America by Alisa Crawford, a Jack Russell enthusiast of the 1960s, who formed the first Jack Russell Terrier club in the United States in 1976. It was in the early 2000s that the Jack Russell Terrier received official recognition from the American Kennel Club.

The American Kennel Club distinguishes two breeds of “Jack Russell” Terriers, the Parson Russell Terrier and the Russell Terrier – the former being slightly smaller, although they’re almost indistinguishable.

Given this, the AKC grants two different popularity ratings to the breed. The Russell Terrier (the original JRT) ranked as the 72nd most-popular dog of 2021, while the Parson Russell Terrier ranked the 117th most popular.

Who Are Jack Russells a Good Dog For?

Jack Russells are a dog with plenty of energy and zeal. Unfortunately for some owners, this energy will be too much to keep up with. Jack Russells are generally not recommended for the elderly due to their energy levels.

The Jack Russell Terrier can also suffer separation anxiety and exhibit destructive behavior or excessive barking.  This doesn’t make them ideal pets for those living in apartment buildings or shared spaces.

Jack Russells are best suited to family homes or those who live alone but have the space to allow them to move around freely and are OK with their tendency to be hyperactive.

How Did Jack Russells Come About?

The Jack Russell Terrier was first purchased from a milkman by John Russell, an English hunter looking for a small, agile dog to help flush foxes from their dens. Russell then bred the small, wiry-haired dog with other white terriers to create the modern Jack Russell Terrier.

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Jack Russell?

The first crossbreeding of the Jack Russell Terrier began in earnest at the end of the Second World War. As the need for Jack Russell Terriers in their original role of hunting companions decreased, attempts to maintain the breed led to crossbreeding.

Jack Russells were crossbred with Welsh Corgis, Chihuahuas, and other small terrier breeds.

The History of the Corgi

The History of the Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi first arrived on the canine scene in the 1100s, before there was even a ‘scene.’, and before the word “canine” even existed. Corgis were brought over to Wales by Flemish weavers, who moved from modern-day Belgium to the Welsh countryside and brought their companion dogs with them, initially as a herding breed.

Over time, the Corgi was developed into two breeds – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The latter comes from a different region of Wales – the Cardigan region – and was developed from a different family of dogs. Initially, the Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh were categorized as the same breed; it was in 1934 that they were recognized as separate and distinct breeds.

Despite their original herding usage, Pembroke Welsh Corgis have become firm favorites of royalty throughout their time in Britain – Queen Elizabeth II owned more than 30 Corgis in her lifetime.

In modern Britain and America, the Pembroke Welsh is more of a companion pet than a working dog.

How Popular Are Corgis in the United States?

The Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh Corgis were first imported to the United States in the early 1930s and given AKC recognition in 1934.

Since then, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has become one of the nation’s most popular family pets. Known for being an active and intelligent breed, the Pembroke Welsh ranked as the 11th most-popular dog in 2021. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi isn’t a popular breed, ranking only as the 67th most popular dog in 2021.

Who Are Corgis a Good Dog For?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are still an active breed, owing much to their herding heritage. They require daily exercise and are known for their friendly, laid-back personality. Their small size makes them a good fit for elderly owners, and they’re not known to be excessive barkers, making them great for apartment living.

But they’re not just intended for the elderly – Corgis make fantastic family dogs, fitting in well with other pets and small children. Although, because they used to be a herding breed, they may instinctively attempt to ‘herd’ your small children, beware of this behavior and correct it immediately, as they may become a tripping hazard for your youngling.

How Did Corgis Come About?

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was initially brought to Wales by Flemish weavers, who settled in the Welsh countryside after leaving their homes in modern-day Belgium in 1107 A.D. Over the years, this breed and their cousin, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, would win the hearts and homes of the British people – becoming one of the UK’s most popular dog breeds.

Their herding instincts would be utilized to herd cattle early on, but eventually, they became companion pets and family dogs. However, they still maintain their active lifestyle needs and are best suited for active owners.

When Did We First Cross-Breed The Corgi?

Corgis have likely been crossbred many times as an ancient breed. Noted crossbreeding has occurred between Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Jack Russell Terriers after the Second World War. Also, Queen Elizabeth II crossbred her Corgi with her sister’s Dachshund to create the Dorgi.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi have also been crossbred with one another. Although this is uncommon in the breeding world (a bit of a faux pas), it has created the “American Corgi,” a relatively rare mixed breed.

How Important Is a Dog’s Temperament to Your Family?

One of the essential parts of getting ready to own a dog is to do your research! If you’re unsure what kind of dog you want, you’ll need to ask yourself that question first.

You want to make sure that the dog you select will be a good fit for your family. If you’re an active family, you want to get an active dog that can accompany you on your adventures! If you’re more laid-back, then a less-energetic breed will be more your style.

If you have children, you’ll want to ensure that you get a dog that’s not aggressive or exhibiting other signs of bad behavior if you’re going to be out all day and intend to leave your dog home, research to see whether your prospective dog could suffer from separation anxiety and how to train them to be OK with being left alone.

This is incredibly important to consider before purchasing or adopting a dog. So that you don’t traumatize the dog and yourself/your family by having to re-home or return the dog.

What is the Temperament of the Corgi Jack Russell Mix?

Luckily for most owners of a Cojack breed, this dog’s excitable and energetic side, inherited from the Jack Russell, is lessened by the Corgi’s calm and pleasant demeanor. You might expect your Cojack to be a little more energetic than your average Corgi, but not to the degree of the Jack Russell Terrier.

Your Cojack breed will likely be very loyal and loving towards you and other household members. However, if you have children, you may find that they’ll nip at the younger ones – something to keep an eye out for.

They’ll want to be outside as often as possible as an active breed and much prefer to live where there’s a house and yard rather than in a city. They can also be stubborn during basic training, so try different training methods to see which ones work.

Equally, the Jack Russell tends to be a bit of a barker – if your mixed breed has inherited this from its parent breed, then consider doing some basic training to correct the behavior before it becomes a nuisance.

Is The Corgi Jack Russell Mix Friendly?

The Jack Russell Corgi mix is an amiable animal! Their affection can sometimes become annoying or inappropriate when meeting strangers, so be sure to go through the process of training to establish boundaries.  

Is The Corgi Jack Russell Mix Easy to Train?

Speaking of the process of training… One of the most important things to do when getting a Jack Russell Corgi mix is to establish an early training routine with various training methods. While the Corgi is easy to train, the Jack Russell – as a fox terrier – can be notoriously challenging.

Nipping this boisterous and independent side of the Jack Russell in the bud as early as possible – to the desired degree – is critical. 

How Much Can A Corgi Jack Russell Mix Weigh?

The average weight of a Corgi Jack Russell mix is between 18 and 28 pounds.

How Tall Can A Corgi Jack Russell Mix Get?

The average height of a Cojack breed is between 10 and 13 inches tall.

Similar Sized Breeds

There are a few similar-sized breeds to this little guy (or gal). These include the Miniature Schnauzer, the Miniature Pinscher, and the Schipperke.

Does the Corgi Jack Russell Mix Shed?

Being a breed with a short, wiry coat, you can expect your Jack Corgi to be a light to medium shedder throughout the year. Even though Jack Russell’s are a minimal-shedding breed, the Corgi is a moderate-shedding breed.

Expect your Corgi Jack Russell mix to fall somewhere in the middle. 

How Much Exercise Does A Corgi Jack Russell Mix Require?

Since both dogs come from active parent breeds, expect your Corgi Jack Russell mix to be a very active companion. Requiring at least an hour of exercise daily. For this reason, the Corgi Jack Russell mix is best suited for active owners.

How Long Can a Corgi Jack Russell Mix Live?

The life expectancy of a Corgi Jack Russell mix is between 12 and 15 years.

What Health Conditions Could the Corgi Jack Russell Mix Have?

How Can You Find a Corgi Jack Russell Mix Puppy For Sale?

Before searching for a Corgi Jack Russell puppy for sale, you should consider adopting one of these hybrid breeds instead. Sometimes, people breed the pair accidentally or are otherwise undesired, and thousands are left languishing in kennels, shelters, and vets’ offices across the country.

Check your local vets or animal shelter to see if anyone has left a Corgi Jack Russell mix to be adopted. If you have no luck, try to search for your breed of choice online.

How Much Does a Corgi Jack Russell Mix Puppy Cost?

The average cost of a Corgi Jack Russell puppy is between $600 and $1200! Making adoption all the more appealing.

If you’re looking for a Corgi Jack Russell mix to buy, we highly recommend you read our guide to finding a reputable breeder and how to avoid puppy mills. 

Is the Corgi Jack Russell Mix the Right Breed For You?

If you’re looking for a spry, energetic little dog to give a home to this Christmas, consider adopting or purchasing a Corgi Jack Russell Mix. This little guy (or gal) will fit right in with most family units and, provided you can exercise them regularly, will be happy as a clam!

If, however, after reading through this guide, you’ve realized that the Corgi Jack isn’t the dog for you – don’t worry – we’ve curated other breed guides to keep you on the hunt for your next companion. 

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