Do Great Danes Shed? (Everything You Need to Know)

Published: 10/05/22 •  6 min read

Great Danes have been loyal companions since the 19th century when they were bred in Germany to accompany hunters and act as guardians of the German aristocracy – mainly due to their massive size. However, this massive size also means a lot of hair, and because Great Danes are so tall, they cover a larger area with their hair than most dogs!

Below you’ll find our guide to all things Great Dane and their reputation as larger-than-life ever-sheddy dogs.

Great Danes Shed

Great Dane Coats

Any dog owner knows that half the battle against dog fur is in fact a battle against how many coats their dog has. However, for Great Dane owners, this battle is almost already won – they’ve got one coat and your job is simply to keep that coat brushed

Despite this single coat, they carry more fur on them than a Terrier, this means that their fur will get everywhere! You’ll find the dander on your clothes and furniture, even sometimes in your tea! Make sure that you regularly brush your Great Dane, you may even consider running a non-stick lint roller over your Great Dane’s coat from time to time to collect any loose dander.

Do Great Danes Shed A Lot?

You wouldn’t think that a Great Dane would be a heavy shedder, but you’d be wrong! While they don’t have two coats, they certainly know how to leave their fur lying around. They typically shed continuously throughout the year, as do most dogs, however, their shedding is highest in the Winter to Spring transition, as they lose the extra fur that kept them warm all winter long. While it cannot be considered a ‘second’ coat, it’s not uncommon for Great Danes to have a bit of extra fur throughout the winter season.

Yes, surprisingly, your Great Dane may well turn out to be a heavier shedder than you expect. Be sure to give them a weekly brush-through to help with the shedding.

Why Do Great Danes Shed?

The simple answer to why Great Danes shed is “biology” – it, along with almost every other dog, has a biological necessity to shed their hair throughout to make way for new growth. They typically shed more in late Winter/early Spring to prepare their coats for the new season ahead. It’s important that you know the difference between shedding and fur loss – the latter could be a cause for concern, while the former is a natural biological process.

How Do You Stop Your Great Dane From Shedding?

While it is impossible to completely stop this necessary biological process for your dog, you can abate the amount of hair that your Great Dane loses and keep up with cleaning it up by performing a few simple tasks.


This is the easiest way to abate the amount of shedding that comes from your Great Dane. You’ll need a good, sturdy brush with fine bristles to make sure you get in between the Great Dane’s many hairs.

Semi-Regular Bathing

While regular bathing may an impracticality due simply to the massive size of the Great Dane, its important for the dog’s coat to be moisturized and cleansed with soap – the easiest way to do this is to give your Great Dane a bath. If you’re unable to bathe your Great Dane yourself, then look around and see what local dog groomers have the space and capacity to fully groom your Great Dane.

Frequent Coat Moisturization

In order to help decrease the amount of shedding, it’s important that you make sure that your Great Dane’s fur is moisturized, to stop it from drying out. This is particularly the case if you live in colder, wintry climates where the air is drier. Use a pet moisturizer and then gently moisturize your Great Dane once every couple of weeks.

Pay Attention to Your Dane’s Diet

One other possible cause of fur loss among Great Danes is a changing diet. If you’ve recently changed your dog’s kibble for something else, and notice that your dog is losing fur rapidly, or you’re noticing spots of fur loss, contact your vet and stop feeding them that type of food. Your vet will be able to tell you if the fur loss is related to the food or not.

Washing with Proper Shampoo

There are a few great options for doggy shampoos out there – they will help stimulate the dog’s ‘scalp’ and remove any excess hair when washed out. This will help keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and free of bacteria and fungi, which will help prevent skin infections which can lead to fur loss.


You wouldn’t necessarily think of giving supplements to your pets, but certain supplements, like fish oils, can really help with fur stimulation and growth. Be sure to check with your vet before giving your Great Dane any supplements, and ask if they have recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is My Great Dane Shedding So Much?

While it is not uncommon for Great Danes to shed, if you notice it becoming excessive – bearing in mind that they are usually moderate shedders – you may want to pay a visit to the vet. Get them checked over for any skin conditions and/or other causes, as there are a variety of potential causes for skin irritation and fur loss.

Do Great Danes Shed in the Summer?

While the primary shedding season for the Great Dane is the transitional period between winter and spring, Great Danes can also shed in the summer. Though their plumage in the Summer tends to be a much lighter shed. Summer can also be a good time to brush your Great Dane outside and let the fur fly! Save you having to clean it up inside the house.

When Is the Great Dane Shedding Season?

While not a double-coated dog, Great Danes, like most other dogs, adapt their coats to the changing of the seasons. The period between Winter and Spring is the shedding season for the Great Dane as they adapt to the changing temperatures by shedding to cool off their body temperature as the weather warms up.

Great Danes are majestic animals, they offer loyalty, protection, love and affection all in one gigantic package. The shedding comes with the territory, but if you regularly brush and bathe your Dane, the shedding won’t become unbearable. Besides, you live with a dog, shedding is a small price to pay for the happiness and joy they’ll bring to your life.

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