Dalmatian Husky Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Published: 11/10/22 •  8 min read

The Dalmatian Husky mix, sometimes called the Dalusky, is an active dog looking for a field to run in! Perfect for families and single individuals with time and energy to devote to giving this magnificent beast a run for its money.

This dog is one of the most unique mixes you’re likely to find among medium-sized dogs, and it looks the part as well – there are so many different possible physical pairings for this mix, that your Dalusky will truly be a one-of-a-kind! 

Dalmatian Husky Mix
Photo: @borje.sallyla

Dalmatian Husky Mix – At a Glance

Weight:35-70 pounds
Height:16-24 inches tall
Lifespan:12-15 years
Coat Colors:Black & white spotted coat
Temperament:Loving, affectionate, energetic, stubborn and active
Most Suitable For:Families with or without children and single individuals with yard space. Not suitable for the elderly due to exercise requirements.

What Does a Dalmatian Husky Mix Look Like?

Dalmatian Husky Mix
Photo: @sluttyhuskies

The Dalusky will likely borrow a fair amount of its physical appearance from both its parent breeds. Some are born with blue eyes, others have brown eyes. Some Daluskys even have a mixture! They will bear the physical frame of the Dalmatian in the legs, but have the body of the Husky. Whether they’ll have the dense double-coat of the Husky, or the smooth single coat of the Dalmatian is a toss-up!

The History of the Dalmatian Husky Mix:

The Dalmatian Husky mix is a relatively obscure mixed- breed dog, with little available or written history about the breed itself. Though its parent breeds are very well established and well-documented, so in order to better understand where the Dalusky comes from, we’ll need to dig into the history of both parent breeds.

Dalmatian History

Dalmatian History

The history of the Dalmatian is a long one – some cynologists say that the breed dates back to around 400 BC, when spotted dogs were noted to be companions of Egyptians. Others say that the breed originated in the 14th century in Croatia, after a visiting Bishop, Peter of Dakovo wrote about a spotted hunting dog from the Croatian province of Dalmatia.

The Dalmatian has taken on a number of roles throughout its breed history, including a guardian for coaches during the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, the Dalmatian occupies many roles, including as a working dog in the military or police, but equally popular as companion pets.

How Popular Are Dalmatians in the United States?

The United States has a fantastic history with the Dalmatian as a fire dog, used in firehouses as mascots across the country. This was a popular part of American Dalmatian history in the mid-20th century. 

Currently, the Dalmatian remains a popular companion pet, though not as popular as it once was. It ranked 49th in the American Kennel Club’s most-popular dog rankings for 2021.

Who Are Dalmatians a Good Dog For?

Dalmatians generally require a lot of exercise and stimulation, though are fiercely loyal and make for fantastic companions. They’re best suited to exercise and activity-oriented families or single individuals, though their requirements may not be suitable for the elderly.

How Did Dalmatians Come About?

Dalmatians’ history is fairly well disputed within the cynology community, though some accounts claim that the Dalmatian of modern times was first spotted by a Croatian bishop in 1375, and came to prominence in Croatia and Eastern Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries as guard dogs.

When Did We First Cross-Breed Dalmatians?

The history of crossbreeding Dalmatians leaves a lot to be desired – most people who have purebred Dalmatians tend to maintain that purebred lineage – as it is sometimes considered to be better for the health of the animal. 

However, the Dalmatian has most definitely been crossbred in the United States and we suspect that the first crossbreeding occurred in the 1980s or 1990s, when crossbreeding became popular.

Siberian Husky History

Siberian Husky History

The Siberian Husky hails from the frozen Arctic tundra of Eastern Siberia, and was created by the Chukchi people of the Chukchi peninsula and used as a transport dog – transporting goods and people by pulling sleds. In 1908, the first Siberian Husky was brought to Nome, AK, where it was used to transport miners to the Yukon during the Gold Rush.

Today, the Siberian Husky holds a faithful place in the homes of many Americans, but is equally still used by northern tribes of Canada and Alaskan trackers, hunters and wilderness guides as a mushing dog.

How Popular Are Huskies in the United States?

The Siberian Husky is a very popular pet in the United States, holding steady at below 20 in the American Kennel Club’s most popular rankings. In 2021, they were the 19th most-popular breed in the country.

Who Are Huskies A Good Dog For?

Siberian Huskies were born to run and thus are perfect companion pets for those who live an active lifestyle of hiking, running, and generally outdoorsiness! For those with families, Huskies are usually gentle giants when it comes to children. Though perhaps, Huskies aren’t best suited for the elderly due to their energy levels and exercise requirements. 

How Did Huskies Come About?

Huskies were first bred by the Chukchi Peoples of the Chukchi Peninsula in Eastern Russia, designed to run long distances without tiring and carry heavy loads as part of a team of sled dogs.

When Did We First Cross-Breed Huskies?

The Siberian Husky has a long and storied history that makes it difficult to pinpoint when they were initially crossbred and despite the popularity of crossbreeding in the United States’ soaring in the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s, there is a strong possibility that the Husky was crossbred well before this time period – though exact dates and information is hard to come by.

What is the Temperament of the Dalmatian Husky Mix?

The Dalusky is an incredibly friendly, openly affectionate and energetic dog! While not being a huge dog, it’s not necessarily small either! It’s fiercely loyal and very loving to its owners and good around children and generally good with other pets. 

Are Dalmatian Husky Mixes Friendly?

Yes, both the Dalmatian and the Husky are both used to following commands, so expect your Dalusky to be easy to train!

Are Dalmatian Husky Mixes Easy to Train?

Yes, both the Dalmatian and the Husky are both used to following commands, so expect your Dalusky to be easy to train!

How Much Can Dalmatian Husky Mixes Weigh?

The Dalusky typically weighs between 35 and 70 pounds.

How Tall Can Dalmatian Husky Mixes Get?

The Dalusky will usually reach between 16 and 24 inches tall.

Similar Sized Breeds

There are a few similar-sized breeds to the Dalusky, these include: Pitsky, American-French Bulldog, Shar Pei/Blue Heeler mix, and the German Pointeraner.

Does a Dalmatian Husky Mix Shed?

Regardless of the dominant gene, your Dalusky will be a shedder – the only difference between the two being the volume that you can expect. It’s helpful to brush your Dalusky at least once a week to mitigate the effects of shedding, particularly during the changing of seasons. 

How Much Exercise Does a Dalmatian Husky Mix Need?

The Dalusky will require an extensive amount of exercise. At least 45 minutes of exercise per day, including a free-roaming run on the weekends, as these are both very energetic and endurance-based dog breeds, tiring them out is a near-impossible task.

How Long Does a Dalmatian Husky Mix Live?

The lifespan of the Dalmatian is between 10-13 years, while the Husky is between 12-15 years.

Therefore we can assume the life expectancy of the Dalmatian Husky Mix is anywhere between 12-15 years.

Like with any dog, there are a number of factors that will determine the number of years your specific Dalmatian Husky mix lives like diet and exercise.

What Health Conditions Could the Dalmatian Husky Mix Have?

How Can You Find a Dalmatian Husky Mix For Sale?

Initially, we recommend that you try finding a Dalusky pup to adopt, before you go down the purchasing route. This can be done by checking out your local veterinary offices, or local animal shelter to see if someone has dropped off a Dalusky for adoption.

Otherwise, you can start your search online. AdoptAPet.com allows you to search for dogs to adopt in your local area.

How Much Does a Dalmatian Husky Mix Cost?

For those who struck out on the adoption front and want to go the route of purchasing a Dalusky, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1000, if purchased from a reputable breeder.

For those looking for new information on how to find a reputable breeder, read and follow the AKC’s guidelines on finding a reputable breeder.

Is the Dalmatian Husky Mix the Right Breed For You?

The Dalusky is the perfect mix for anyone with an energetic lifestyle, who’s looking for an outdoor companion to run with you, or hike up that hill. They also double as a perfect family companion as their gentle nature shines through with children.

Though the Dalusky isn’t exactly the perfect dog for the elderly, nor those who live in small spaces or without easy access to dog parks.

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