Australian Mountain Doodle: The Ultimate Guide

Published: 10/19/22 •  5 min read

The Australian Mountain Doodle is a highly-intelligent and moderately-active dog that makes the perfect family dog, as they’re somewhat of a gentle giant. They’re perfect dogs for those with service dog needs, as they can be sturdy and are brilliant animals, perfect for training as a service dog. Likewise, their gentle nature is great for being family dogs.

But is the Australian Mountain Doodle the right dog for you? Read below to find out.

Australian Mountain Doodle
Photo by @admiral.the.amd!

Australian Mountain Doodle – At a Glance

Weight:50 to 95 pounds
Height:21-28 inches
Lifespan:12 to 14 years
Coat Colors:White, Red, Tan, Black, Agouti, Sable, Grey
Temperament:Playful with lots of energy
Most Suitable For:Families, Couples, Active owners

What is an Australian Mountain Doodle?

An Australian Mountain Doodle is a three-dog combination breed, consisting of genes from the Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain, and Poodle. The three breeds complement each other very well. The outgoing nature of the Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountain is captured, as is the friendly, loving nature of the Poodle, making the Australian Mountain Doodle a fantastic companion dog for any individual or family.

What Does An Australian Mountain Doodle Look Like?

Australian Mountain Doodle
Photo by @themountaindoodle

The Australian Mountain Doodle tends to come in one of three colour combinations, with the primary coat colour being white. You’re likely to find either black/brown or brown/red combinations, with long legs and slender bodies to provide speed and agility. The curly hair of the Poodle is a surety as well, with brown eyes being the most common eye colour among the Australian Mountain Doodle.

The History of the Australian Mountain Doodle:

There is little clear documentation available on the history of the Australian Mountain Doodle, however, there is some suggestion that the breed first appeared around 2010 in Australia. Their parent breeds, however, were bred as either herding or hunting companions and these breeds have centuries of evolution and are now thought of as mostly domesticated dogs.

What is the Temperament & Personality of the Australian Mountain Doodle?

You can expect your Australian Mountain Doodle to be a very loving companion. While they do have a high energy threshold – and therefore are bored easily – they’re not the most hyperactive of animals. This, perhaps, is what makes them such a good fit no matter what their environment. The Australian Mountain Doodle is usually an incredibly loyal dog with an easy-going nature, making them a great fit across most family units.

How Big Does an Aussie Mountain Doodle Get?

Despite the perception of being a massive dog – given their Bernese Mountain genes – you can expect the Aussie Mountain Doodle to reach roughly 21-18 inches tall – so, upper-leg/waist height or thereabouts. They’ll likely be a medium-weight dog, weighing somewhere between 50 and 100 pounds.

Are Aussie Mountain Doodles Hypoallergenic?

Thanks to their Doodle genes, the Aussie Mountain Doodle is hypoallergenic, making them a perfect fit for a family that’s otherwise allergic to dogs.

Does an Australian Mountain Doodle Shed?

Due to their hypoallergenic nature, these dogs are single-coated and don’t shed nearly as much as one might associate with their Bernese Mountain genes. While not a heavy-shedder, good brushing is still recommended on a regular basis.

How Hard Is It To Train an Australian Mountain Doodle?

Given the history of all three breeds that make up this eclectic mix, the ability of the Australian Mountain Doodle to listen to commands is off the charts. This mix of intelligence (Poodle), playfulness (Bernese Mountain) and intense listening (Australian Shepherd) make them phenomenally easy dogs to train.

How Much Exercise Does An Australian Mountain Doodle Need?

Given the size and exercise history of all three of the parent breeds, you should expect the Australian Mountain Doodle to be a dog that requires a moderate amount of exercise – often. This means an hour of walking every day, whether on-leash or off, or an intense hike or an intense period of play if a day or two of exercise is missed during the week. 

How Long Does an Australian Mountain Doodle Live?

On average, the Australian Mountain Doodle will live between 10 and 15 years, making them fantastic family companions.

What Health Conditions Could the Australian Mountain Doodle Have?

How Can You Find an Australian Mountain Doodle For Sale?

Despite the high popularity of the AMD as a designer breed, it may be easier and frankly, incumbent upon you, to look for Australian Mountain Doodles as rescue dogs first. This means visiting your local kennels and shelters to see if anyone has dropped off an Australian Mountain Doodle who needs a loving home.

However, if you strike out with that, you can likely find an Australian Mountain Doodle from an online search for breeders, doing your due diligence to ensure that breeders are reputable.

How Much Does an Australian Mountain Doodle Cost?

However, should you choose to go down the route of paying for an Australian Mountain Doodle puppy, you should expect it to set you back between $600 and $2500 USD, depending on location, pedigree, etc.

Is the Australian Mountain Doodle the Right Breed For You?

The Australian Mountain Doodle is a lovable, affable pet that requires a moderate level of exercise, but is fiercely loyal, very intelligent and is hypoallergenic. If you have the space and time to give a home to such a beautiful three-dog mix, they’re sure to reward you with love and affection for many years to come.

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